The Czech „flying car“ on the road in the centre of Prague. Pilot wanted a coffee break

27. 03. 2017 | Author: Jan Markovič

The pilot of the homologated gyroplane able to operate on the road, went for a coffee to Prague. Electro motor drive should simplify transfers from the airport, for example because of need to refuel or parking. The „flying car“ is going to be introduced in air exhibition at the beginning of April in German Friedrichshafen.

The manufacturer from Přerov has built up his first „flying car“. The prototype of the Gyromotion model had a propulsion by the electric engine to simplify operation from the airport. Gyroplanes are fueled with Natural 95. The compact size of the gyroplane allows the owner to park the machine in a bigger garage – so that is reason why we think about operating on the road.

The Gyromotion gyroplane will cruise at maximum air speed up to 180 km/h, burning just 15 litres of fuel at 100 kilometres. It is powered by the Rotax. On the road, the gyroplane is powered by electric motor, that allows to operate the gyroplane on the road up to 40 km/h. The machine meets also another specifications neccessary for homologation to the traffic, like right placing of headlights.

The gyroplane has a special licence plate, that describes it as a special motor vehicle, that allows it to travel on the road to the airport and back. You can operate the gyroplane with the driving licence type B only and also you have to be certificated with pilot´s licence for flying a gyroplane.

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