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25. 03. 2017 | Author: Jan Markovič

Czech manufacturer of the GyroMotion technology for gyroplanes is going to introduce the machine able to fly in the air and operate on the road in AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN 2017 exhibiton.

The gyroplane flies in permanent autorotation. The rotating wings of the gyroplane, however, are free spinning and aren´t connected to the engine. Gyroplanes use a „pusher“ propeller for forward thrust. You can fly a gyroplane at maximum air speed up to 180 km/h, but pilot and passenger could enjoy perfect views at the slow speed as well.

A car or a plane? Current concepts could only transfer cars or three-wheelers into flying machines, but AGN SYSTEMS have found different way how to add another value into the Cavalon gyroplane. They install the technology that adjust a gyroplane into a car able to operate on the road, despite the fact that it does not look as a car at all. Mobility of the gyroplane on the road is possible thanks to implementation of electric motor drive into the gyroplane with the maximum speed up to 40 km/h on the road. This operational speed is not fast enough for driving on a highway, but it is convenient limitation for transportation home from the airport.

The GyroMotion is not complete without homologated headlights, fixation of the licence plate, without rear-view mirror, reflection lights, klaxon and other required elements. The fast implementation of required elements as well as rotor fixation and placing of warning triangle on the propeller is great for parking and driving on the road.

Advantages of the GyroMotion technology are: easy crossing to the required destination, parking on the parking places for cars, you can refuel your gyroplane in usual gas stations and during the traffic jams, you can fly over them.

„We are not the only ones, who think about the gyroplanes that way, but nowadays we are only a few steps towards to introduction of a new product. According to high interest of potentional owners we already think about training and opurtunity of getting pilot licence. The price is 100 thousands EUR and operating costs are 15 litres per hour – which is in result barely same as an operation of a car. The most demanding parameters are time-saving, safety, uniqueness and comfort“, says Pavel Březina, the author of the idea and CEO AGN SYSTEMS Ltd.

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