that became popular in 1934 as a part of an aviation of Baťa company. It was the gyroplane Cierva C,30A, bought in England, that´s steps end in 1939.

Since 2011 flying a gyroplane have become very popular in the Czech Republic. In the form of an exclusive representation of the German brand the AutoGyro, which is provided by Nirvana Systems Ltd. The popularity of an alternative way of traveling has increased, so there is a logical question how to proceed.

In 2013, we got an idea based on growing experience and pilot´s needs research, and started to think about possible ways how to get gyroplanes on the road. The best way how to do it, was to adjust the gyroplane for the road in accordance with technological and legislative conditions in the Czech Republic.

GyroMotion was born!

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Czech company with original ideas

Czech company AGN Systems Ltd. uses original ideas for an adjustment of German AutoGyro gyroplanes for operation on the road. Development department, co-operation with young constructers, designers, technologists and universities, all of these brings us amazing oppurtunities to achieve our aims, that are totally out of usual perception of the society.

Therefore, we do not see any problem in playing with the idea that we can park the gyroplane in the middle of the city.

Your team GyroMotion

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Travelling has never been easier!

Make your life more fun! Plan your journey easily and quickly. Park at home and travel to the final destination as you wish - in the air or on the road. You can ride the road or fly conveniently and safely.


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Fly straight without any diversions

Traffic jams are not your problem anymore - just overfly them! Enjoy the beautiful landscape around you during your flight. You can fly fast or slowdown above places catching your eyes. Get your pilot and driving license in the specialized school FLYWAY.


Ride the road

Flying and riding simultaneously is an age-old dream of every traveler...

No chance to fly? Keep calm - just ride. You will definitely attract attention on the road with GyroMotion. Refuel and take off again! If you want to get the GyroMotion license - use an ideal offer by MyFirstFly.

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