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The GyroMotion Cavalon trully represents a new era in the aviation community. The Cavalon is the first gyroplane from the AutoGyro production with a unique feature – the side-by- side seating, so long trips are a pleasure for both pilot and passenger. Moreover, the Cavalon is a masterpiece particulary in design, technologies and innovations.

The Cavalon exceeds every single set trend of nowadays. The Cavalon includes fully adjustable heated leather seats and plenty of space for both. This feature provides peerless comfort, quiet operation, direct communication and overall totally new feeling of the flight.

The Cavalon has been fitted with the number of great innovations. It has an increased tank capacity for a long-range, improved ergonomics and easily adjustable seasts and pedals. The perfect flight experience is supported by a beautiful interior design and an amazing view out of the window.


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AGN SYSTEMS Ltd. is aware of exceptional customers with individual requirements. Our company offers unique graphics on the exterior of the gyroplane, that will make your machine unique and special.

Our effort is to meet needs of our customers and emphasize the idividuality of each pilot of the gyroplane on the highest level.

The GyroMotion is the way how to solve a comprehensive solution of the air travel and the road transport in an unforgettable experience with endless possibilities to fulfill your wishes.

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